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It is my privilege to be a Borough Councillor for

Hamble and Netley and to be a Parish Councillor for Hound Parish.

This website is for news in our area, in which I have lived for many years.

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A visit to the Hamble Rail Trail

We paid a visit to the lovely Hamble Rail Trail recently. Well worth a visit! Entrances to it are on Hamble Lane. We only had time to walk along one half of it but we are hoping to go back soon for another look.

It's a charming walk and we are so lucky to have so much of nature's beauty to enjoy in our area. The Rail Trail ultimately links Hamble Common to the Royal Victoria Country Park. I remember as a schoolboy at Hamble Comprehensive (as it was called then), wandering along the disused railway track and part of my enjoyment was in thinking back to happy childhood days.

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