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Adam Manning

It is my privilege to be a Borough Councillor for

Hamble and Netley and to be a Parish Councillor for Hound Parish.

This website is for news in our area, in which I have lived for many years.

  • Adam Manning

Liberal Democrats for local democracy.

To me, the Liberal Democrats are a party that are for creating and protecting a fair, free and open society. The aim is to balance the fundamental values of equality, liberty and community so that no one is enslaved or oppressed by poverty, ignorance or conformity. This can be seen as wanting our community to be free from want, free from aggression and free from oppression.

A Liberal Democrat is fundamentally someone who wants a better Britain. We want a Britain that is open to the world, supporting sustainable development around the world and ensuring those benefits are shared across the country. In striking a balance between the world of business and the needs of a community, Liberal Democrats aim for a major programme of investment in infrastructure, enhanced research spending and strengthening employee participation in the workplace.

As a Liberal Democrat, I want proper funding for the NHS. I have a seriously disabled son with a serious heart problem and know very well how important, how precious the NHS is. We want to ensure that our wonderful health service is given the resources it needs.

The environment has always been an important concern for the Liberal Democrats. We want to take ambitious action to tackle climate change and pollution, boosting green jobs and industries with clean energy and transport reducing energy bills. We want to cut deaths from air pollution. Personally, I have always been interested in environmental issues and am the founder of a local volunteer group that carries out regular litter picks on Weston Shore.

As a Liberal Democrat, I want an end to austerity, a fair distribution of wealth and more and better homes for people. The protection of our civil liberties, as the name of the party might suggest, is very important. We want to enact political reform to give power to the people so that everyone has a chance to succeed.

I am pleased that I belong to a party that has a long and proud tradition of being involved in local government. Local government, and localism more generally, is a key concept in Liberal Democrat thinking. We believe in community politics and a real commitment to devolved power. We pride ourselves on working hard all year round, and not just at election time.

Like my fellow Councillors for our ward of Hamble and Netley, Councillor Cross and Councillor Airey, I regularly attending community meetings and speaking to residents to find out what local issues they care about and how we can find solutions that work for them. I am a Parish Councillor for Hound Parish and also have regular contact with Hamble Parish Council and this is a great way to be involved in your local community.

One of the key aspects of what I do as a Borough Councillor is being part of the Local Area Committee, which looks into planning applications in our area. We also consider applications for funding for local voluntary groups and help initiate or support community groups or facilities.

Personally, I greatly value and enjoy helping people in our area with problems and issues and am keen to talk or visit them when I can to be of assistance. I’m a Solicitor by profession, so sometimes my legal experience can complement my experience and knowledge as a Councillor as well.

Thanks, Adam

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