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Community Engagement with Hound Parish

Parishioners in Hound were invited to a Community Engagement Meeting at Abbey Hall in Netley on Thursday evening to discuss concerns about recent incidents of anti-social behaviour and vandalism in our area. The meeting was run by the Parish Council’s chair, Mark Roberts, and was very well attended by local residents. We were grateful that two of our local police officers could also attend to answer questions.

Mark explained that the Parish Council has been happy to support the use of Abbey Hall by Youth Options, an organisation engaged in out reach to young people in our area. They have already had their first drop in session and we hope this is something that becomes established as a well-known and regularly used resource.

Part of the discussion considered the role of volunteers and Mark mentioned the Community Speed Watch initiative, an educational scheme to help people reduce speeding through their community. There is more information about this here: http://www.communityspeedwatch.org.uk/.

Speeding motorists are a regular concern for local residents and volunteers to set this up in our villages could be a great help.

There are other opportunities for volunteers to become involved in these problems. One that was discussed during the meeting was setting up Neighbourhood Watch schemes in our area. It appears from the Neighbourhood Watch website that there are already at least two in Hound Parish; one in Butlocks Heath and one in Old Netley.

I am aware that a local resident is keen to take this idea forward and she tells me that there are other schemes in our parish as well that don’t appear on their website. To me, if local people want to get involved with these issues, this is a practical way to help and Sergeant Moss was clear in giving it his support. More information about Neighbourhod Watch can be found here: https://www.ourwatch.org.uk/

There was a detailed consideration of many issues troubling residents, including dog fouling and anti-social behaviour (particularly in connection with our beautiful Royal Victoria Country Park). A particular point that was mentioned was the switching off of street lights and I was interested to hear the opposition to this, as it is a policy from Hampshire County Council that is opposed by Eastleigh Borough Council.

Hopefully, as a community we can have more discussions of this nature as the event was very useful in bringing concerns out into the open and in discussing how to make things better.

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